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We are thankful for the support for the CEST conference 2024 by several companies.
You can find the companies, description of their products and relevant links below:
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Resonance Research Inc.

We will describe a novel method for non-iterative shimming methods for imaging and spectroscopy.  Those provide direct analytical shimming of: volumes, slabs, slices and voxels with stringent integrated quality assurance protocols and evaluation of achievable targets.  Those methods remove the subjective criteria as presented by standard commercial systems.  The limitation to successful CEST applications are thus substantially removed.


Siemens Healthineers


MAGNETOM Terra.X represents the next generation of 7T MRI, offering unparalleled diagnostic capabilities for the most challenging clinical questions with exceptional image clarity, enabling precise assessments of subtle pathological details. CEST has been shown to provide additional information on tumor progression, particularly benefiting from higher field strengths of 3T and 7T. However, a stable protocol is needed. We will demonstrate how we are advancing the field, ensuring robust and reliable solutions for research applications, and paving the way towards clinical implementation.

MAGNETOM Terra.X - Make the difference. - Siemens Healthineers (

Olea Medical


Olea Medical, a subsidiary of the Canon Medical Systems Corporation group, is dedicated to developing and marketing advanced image post-processing software for MRI and CT scanners. Our innovative solutions, designed for healthcare professionals, are driven by a singular ideal: preserving life. We leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance patient diagnoses, placing innovation at the forefront of healthcare. In alignment with our mission, and following the successful conclusion of the Horizon 2020 project GLINT, we are committed to developing a customized APT-CEST post-processing solution specifically for research use. This solution, that will be presented at the CEST 2024 workshop, features B0/B1 correction, denoising, and fluid-suppression methodologies to significantly enhance the clinical readability of APTw maps.

Philips Healthcare


With Helium-free MR operations, Philips provides the new reality in MR. After the launch of the Ingenia Ambition MR scanner with BlueSeal, industry's first and only 1.5T fully sealed magnet, we are focusing on expanding this breakthrough technology to our entire portfolio. The MR portfolio is centered around solutions delivering speed, comfort and confidence, all with the aim to help improve patient care. Philips pioneered CEST imaging by bringing 3D APT-weighted imaging as part of our commercial product since 2018, leveraging the unique capability of MultiTransmit (dual RF amplifier) capabilities to create a 2 second continuous RF-saturation. The APT product is intended for clinical use in gliomas, as well as for clinical research. More information on the Philips APT product can be found on our website, as well as in our white paper

3D APT MR Clinical applications | Philips



Imaging molecules in vivo has a pivotal role in prognosis, diagnosis and monitoring treatments. Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) MRI reveals many endogenous and exogenous molecules in their natural forms and hence provides ample opportunities to address both preclinical and clinical needs, such as in cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. 


Contact person at the conference:

Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) imaging Expert Series | Bruker

GE Healthcare

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