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Conference Venue and Program


Conference Venue:

FAU WiSo, Findelgasse 7-9, 90402 Nürnberg

Kurt-Glässer Saal, FG 0.015 

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How to get here:

1. Nürnberg Main  Railway Station + walking

2. Albrecht-Dürer Airport Nürnberg (NUE) + Subway U2

3. Airport Municipal (MUC) + Shuttle / Train


Program starts on September 16 at 6 pm with an Opening Reception , including talks, in a Traditional German Restaurant.Programm ends on September 20 at 3 pm.

Session topics will cover CEST agents, Contrast Mechanism, Oncology, Neurology, Body & MSK, Standardization, Novel Acquisition, Data analysis, AI.  

We have confirmed Keynotes from the CEST board members.

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